Choosing a Project Management Tool

As I’m not too far away from starting up whichever project I’ll be undertaking, I think it’s a good time to familiarize myself with a project management tool to automate the tasks that I usually messily achieve by improvisation. I’m tired of having a clutter of folders and files all over the place, with only a temporary mental note of how everything fits in the timeline of my development. I’ll stop rambling about this, as version control isn’t a new concept to computing enthusiasts.

As I’m using a collection of various Microsoft tools and technologies at the moment, I’ve been advised to have a look at their project management solution, named Team Foundation Server. It seems to have everything I need (and much more), so I’m going to give it a solid go.

There seems to be the usual two approaches of either maintaining the data source locally, or on a hosting solution on the web. Given the increased reliability of the latter option, I’m trying out another one of Microsoft’s products, CodePlex, which is their solution to creating and managing open source projects online. The only issue with this is that the code is usually made readily available for public viewing/usage and thus lacks restrictive capabilities.

I’ve finally decided to go ahead with hosting my future (WP7) project on CodePlex, as it easily integrates with Team Foundation Server and thus Visual Studio Team Explorer as well. With regards to it’s open source nature, I’m a huge supporter of this philosophy and am only concerned about getting back-stabbed by people gaining commercial benefit out of this. I decided, using Dave Johnson’s explanation of open source licenses, that the most suitable one would be level 3, that being the GPL (copyleft) license – forcing anyone who reuses and distributes my project to release their source code. Conveniently, CodePlex has the option of setting this as the license of my project, thus mandating anyone looking to download/check out the project to agree to it’s terms first.


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